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Digital Box Compression Tester

Box Compression Tester

The Box Compression Test measures the compressive strength of packages such as boxes, drums, and cans. It usually provides a plot of deformation vs compressive force. It is commonly used to evaluate shipping containers made of corrugated fiberboard as well as wooden boxes and crates. Industrial and consumer packages other than boxes can also be subjected to compression testing: drum, pail, bottle, tub, etc. Package components are also evaluated for compression resistance. Method of conducting the test as described in several published standard test methods is to compress a box at a constant rate of 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) per minute between two rigid platens. The test can be conducted on empty or filled boxes, with or without a box closure. Conditioning to standard temperature and humidity is important.

The results of the constant rate of compression test can be: • The peak load • The deformation at peak load • The load at a critical deformation (head space, etc.) • The ability of a container to protect the contents from compression damage

Standards: IS : 7028(Part VI) 1973 7028(Part VI) 1975 TAPPI : T804 om-02 ASTM : D 4577-94/D 642-98 PCBM : 14:96 FEFCO : TM 50 1997